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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-19861950 pachchi na Gujarati sarjanatamak sahitya ane virechan ma ruprachana vadig abhigamBhagat, Nita Jayantilal
30-Sep-200140Ar 39Ar thermochronological study of the trans Himalaya in Ladakh sector IndiaBhutani, Rajneesh
24-Apr-2015Acquisitionpf science process skills through experiential learning in students of standard viiiRamesh M
Sep-2017Activity based costing an effective tool for management a study of selected service sector organizationVala, Kamlesh Dhirajlal
3-Sep-2013Acyl pyrazolones & their structural analogues: synthesis, characterization, crystal structure and studies on their bio-active metal complexesVyas, Komal M.
1-Jan-2015Agricultural credit in India-
4-Dec-2014Ajam Anantaji Amarchand Vasavada : Junagadhana marahum divan ityadinu jivan charitraBhavanishankar Narsinhram
25-Mar-2015Ajrada aevam Farrukhabad gharane ki vidhivat tabla vadan parampara ka tulnatmak adhyanMukadam Kedar Ravindra
21-Jan-2015Akbar's Tomb, Sikandarah, near AgraSmith, Edmund W (Illustrator)
15-Nov-2014Akhabarud-doaatil akarameen - yaane - Yaman, Sindh ane Hindana diaatono tunko ahevaalTilmiz (Translator)
Jun-2017Allelopathic Potential of Selected Medicinal Plants and Its Utilization in Weed ControlVijayKumar, Purohit Shivangi
2016Altering Routes: A Comparative Study of Fiction by First and Second Generation Indian Diasporic WritersPATEL, DIPTI RAMESHBHAI
4-Sep-2014Am I An Adult?: views of urban Indian youthChopra, Priyanka
Jul-2017Amelioration of fructose induced dietary disorder by probiotic Escherichia coli strain producing fructose metabolizing enzymes in rats.Chaudhari, Archana Somabhai
Jun-2017Amendment of artemisinin content in Artemisia annua L. through in vivo and in vitro approachDangash, Alka
11-Sep-2013Analysis design & implementation of reduced complexity & Near optimal performance semi-blind channel estimation techniques for wireless mimo communication systemBhalani, Jaymin Kantilal
11-Sep-2013An analytical study of administrative and curatorial poroblems of government museum in GujaratDhumal, Rashmika Surendra
10-Sep-2013An analytical study of job stress among selected police personnel in the state of GujaratNaik, Kalpesh Dhirubhai
28-May-2014An analytical study of the progress and popularity of Indian classical music in the 20th century in the BarodaBhagwat, Rahul Shamsundar
2015Anchored Silicotungstates: Synthesis, Characterization and Use as Catalysts for Some Organic TransformationsNarkhede, Nilesh K