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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Oct-1958A comparative analysis of the relationship between acceptance of self and acceptance of others in four Indian college student communities hindu muslim catholic and zoroastrianFuster, Joachim M
31-Aug-1977A comparative study of certain aspects of histology and physiology of some organs during tail regeneration in the scincid lizard mabuya carinata and wound healing in the agamid lizard calotes versicolorRupakumari, Kinariwala
31-Jan-1983A classroom instruction program for primary school children with learning difficultiesMohite, Prerana
31-Dec-19861950 pachchi na Gujarati sarjanatamak sahitya ane virechan ma ruprachana vadig abhigamBhagat, Nita Jayantilal
30-Sep-200140Ar 39Ar thermochronological study of the trans Himalaya in Ladakh sector IndiaBhutani, Rajneesh
30-Jun-2002A comparative histoenzymological study of some tissues with reference to reproductive cycles in two species of birdsSurendranath, Sapna
2005Anubhutisvarupacarya A studyJoshi, Sanatkumar M
31-Oct-2005A case study of the working of the monetary system and its role in the economic growth of the Sudan during 1980 81 2000 01Adam, Mustafa Hassan Mohammad
29-Feb-2008A case study of empirical performance of the world bank and its efficacy in economic development of KenyaAbel, Anyieni Gwaka
2011A plan of M-Library for Smt. Hansa Mehta Library: A studyTrivedi, Mayank; Suthar, Vishnu
Jul-2011A plan of M-Library for Smt. Hansa Mehta Library: a studyTrivedi, Mayank; Suthar, Vishnu
2012Open Broadcasting Techniques for creating a Superhighway of Information Retrieval in the Modern EraTrivedi, Mayank; Suthar, Vishnu
6-Jul-2012Series of Essays on the life of Mohammed and subjects subsidiary theretoSyed Ahmed Khan
6-Jul-2012JapaPandit, M P
6-Jul-2012DhyanaPandit, M P
6-Jul-2012Mathematical Analysis Of LogicBoole, George
6-Jul-2012Economic History of India Under the British- 1757-1947Desai, T B
6-Jul-2012Outlines of the Philosophy of AristotleWallace, Edwin
7-Jul-2012PlatoClifton, Collins
7-Jul-2012The Orders Decorations and Medals of the WorldJocelyn, Arthur